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Around the World Part III – Indonesia
2010/9/17 - 10:49
Hi Everyone! I feel like I’ve been traveling non-stop this year. Yes, I’m super lucky!! All thanks to TVB and my manager, I got to go to Indonesia – Surabaya and Tuban to perform! This trip was really special because it's the first time I'm traveling on my own - unlike Toronto when I had Bosco and Vivian there to watch over me and teach me stuff). But fortunately, I had my own makeup and hair stylist, I had an fashion designer that made me three brand new outfits for the Show and over 30 backup dancers!! The stage was incredible with over 20,000 Audience. I also had the opportunity to perform with other stars coming from Malaysia and Indonesia and I sang 8 songs on my own! ^_^ Let’s share some photos:
The hotel was beautiful with such a nice view from my window!

They don’t allow Durian in the Hotel haha! I’m happy because I can’t eat Durian, I love stinky tofu though! =D

During rehearsals, our host cooked some Chinese food for us just in case we weren’t use to the Indonesian food. Soo sweet!! Thanks Tony and Tony’s family!

Indonesian Shrimp Chips!!! =D Yummmmmmmmy!

The day of the show, we got to rest at a Vacation house in Tuban. I felt like I was on vacation with family! It was so comfortable staring at our pool haha. Too bad I didn’t bring my swimsuit! =P

Makeup time! My makeup artist did a special Indonesian makeup for me!

Ta Da! Do you recognize me? I really felt Indonesian especially with the hair extension! Because in Indonesia, long hair = beauty!

My wonderful papa Derek! Thank you taking care of me during the whole trip! =)

My first outfit- Princess Look

My 2nd outfit – Hip hop Look

My Last outfit – Queen Look! I absolutely loveee to go to new places and try different fashions! The crown was really heavy and so beautiful! =)

No sleep after our performance because we have super early flight. But I do LOVE Hotel Breakfast!!!

Super healthy Wheat toast with bananas and strawberries and Egg White Frittata!

After we got back to HK, we got picked up by TVBuddy car! Haha, what a wonderful way to finish the trip!

Thank you to everyone in Indonesia for making my first trip there so memorable and also to Derek for taking such good care of me! I'm soo soo thankful!!

I hope that I can continue my dreams to travel all over the world and perform!! So you guys will continue to fight for you dreams as well!! ADD OIL!!

Until next time! Muahz!!

<3 Gracie
我準備下週跟 Bosco and Vivian 去多倫多 "Taste of Asia"唱歌和跳舞 !! 我從來沒有去過多倫多,所以我感到非常興奮!!